Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I make more than one donation against a single event?
Yes, each donation you make will get you one entry into the prize draw. Multiple donations will increase your chances of winning, but each entrant can only win one pair of passes to a single show.
Q. Can I donate more than £5 in a single donation?
Yes, but a single donation of any amount greater than £5 will only get you one entry into the prize draw.
Q. Can I donate/enter the prize draw for more than one event?
Yes, as many as you like!
Q. Why is the number of passes available for each show less than the venue’s capacity?
Given the nature of the shows, at some venues we may need to reserve floor space for additional production requirements.
Q. Can I donate without entering the prize draw?
Yes, you can simply donate to the campaign by not selecting the “1 entry to win entry for you and a guest” reward option.
Q. Can I enter the prize draw without donating?
Yes, you can enter for free by post: See the terms and conditions below for details of how to do this.

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